In a time when watches, mobile phones and other gadgets are used to record every aspect of our lives, there is something entrancingly romantic and magical about wearing a piece of jewelry that can hold secrets, love or inspirational messages, special moments, and symbols close to the heart.”                       

Zani Gugelmann brings her SANTO jewelry brand back to life with the inaugural ALMA collection. Each piece is designed with one thing in mind: the soul of the objects. Inspired by historical jewelry workmanship, in this case orb pendants from the Victorian era, the ALMA collection reinterprets the past into a modern day aesthetic. Zani believes that jewelry should hold a deep, personal meaning to the owner, with this is in mind; she delved into the realm of heirloom jewelry, looking into pieces that have a story behind them that makes them even more special or sentimental.

Meaning soul in Spanish, ALMA, is not just about outer beauty, but what lies within. In this case, each piece opens to reveal an unexpected surprise inside, literally transforming from one shape into another; thereby creating a childlike wonder and awe for both the beholder and the owner.

Each piece within the ALMA collection opens and unfolds into a symbolic shape, whether it be a traditional religious symbol or a familiar geometrical shape, such as a star or a flower. Zani believes that these special pieces carry a spiritual strength within them, even acting as a type of amulet, holding close our love, dreams, and aspirations. All of the pieces can also be custom-made to incorporate engraving of the clients choosing, making it that much more personal and special.

By converging on the highest quality of workmanship and design, Zani has assembled an expert team of New York based jewelers with a mastery of fine detail and perfection working with 18k and 14K gold, precious and semiprecious stones, and hand and laser engraving. Zani also has incorporated the new techniques of 3D CAD jewelry design to compliment the unique handcrafting of each piece. As a result, each piece from the ALMA collection is intricately designed for movement through the delicate engineering of pivots, axes, and hinges.


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